Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Air Cabin Crew - Longhaul - British Airways

Air Cabin Crew - Longhaul

Ref UKLHR556
Region UK - Heathrow
Location London - Heathrow
Category Commercial

Job Description

Closing 31st December 2008

Temporary Contract - 11 months

Interacting with a wide variety of people from a broad range of cultures, forms a major part of the Cabin Crew role. Cabin Crew must be able to relate to others, showing a passion for delivering excellent customer service. There is a need to balance confidence and professionalism with a friendly approachable manner. Exceeding and anticipating customer expectations is essential.

Please note: There is no guarantee of a permanent position upon completion of this temporary contract.

The right to live and work within the UK with no restrictions. Holder of a valid European Union passport allowing unrestricted world-wide travel or a passport issued by one of the following accession states: -Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta.

Aged between 18 and 62 at time of application.
Experience of front line face to face customer contact in a busy and challenging environment.
Demonstrate respect, attention and professionalism to customers.
Fluent in English, both written and spoken.
Willing and able to apply for a criminal record check.
Able to provide the names and addresses of references covering 5 years continuous work and academic history.
A high standard of physical fitness.
To be a minimum of 5ft 2in (1.575m) and a maximum height of 6ft 2in (1.86m) in height, with weight in proportion, such that the ability to perform all job functions is not hindered.
The ability to, whilst facing forward, walk and fit comfortably down the aisle, fit quickly through the overwing window exit, and to fit into a jump seat harness without modification including closure without a seatbelt extension.
Able to successfully pass a comprehensive medical questionnaire.
Live within 90 minutes of the airport from which you are based.

You as a person

Representing British Airways as a member of our Cabin Crew is a unique experience. Our customers have their own unique needs and requirements. You'll find every day holds a different challenge - from the moment you welcome our customers aboard the aircraft, their safety and comfort are your responsibility.

Your role includes all aspects of customer care from communication to serving refreshments. You will hold the key to our customers having a fantastic flight and, most importantly, wanting to fly with us again.

Friendly and caring personality.
Competent in handling difficult situations.
Confident communicator and great listener.
Supportive of colleagues and a team player.
Able to remain calm and efficient under pressure.
Willing to treat everyone as an individual.
Satisfy current BA/CAA health requirements.
Takes pride in personal grooming with no visible tattoos or piercings and
willing to conform to uniform standards.
Able to swim well with confidence.
Be prepared to work unsociable hours any day of the year, at any time,
including weekends and public holidays.
Able to work to tight time constraints.
Successfully complete initial training and recurrent training programmes

Full time basic starting salary on entry £10,982 per annum.

Flying allowances variable and can vary each month depending on trip allocation. Typical new entrant cabin crew member can expect to earn in the region of £500 per month additional flying allowances.

Holiday entitlement is 30 days. As the flying operation is 365 days a year, Cabin Crew must be able to fly on public holidays and religious festivals. Hotel accommodation whilst on flying duty.

Free Uniform, worn in accordance with uniform regulations.

Your remuneration package will be determined by your individual contract of employment. Whilst this varies from business to business, typical benefits include:

Profit share scheme*
Employee share scheme*
Car park, subsided catering, sports and social facilities.
Choice of contributory pension and private healthcare schemes
Opportunities for reduced air fare travel and travel discounts*
(*indicates at the company's discretion)