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HR & GA Manager - Pesanggaran Bali


General Requirements
-Graduated from law school and/or management majoring in HR, with min GPA 3
-Full understand of Indonesian labor law
-Able to work independently and complete work assignments in a timely fashion without direct supervision.
-Have the ability to be a strong management team member working conjunction with department managers towards a common goal of success and accomplishment.
-Good oral and written communication skills in both English and Bahasa Indonesia
-minimum 4 years with good & proven work records
Technical Abilities :
-Communication (Good communicator and listener)
-Computer skills to include Excel, Word, HR and payroll software.
-Management skills
-Critical thinkers
-Conflict Management
-Time Management and Self Discipline
Personality Requirements :
-Strong leadership
-Impartial and Objective
-Strong Sense of Ethics
Responsibility :
- To manage, supervise and carry out, in general the Regulation in matters of pertaining to Manpower, generally and in particular, the Company Regulation.
- To manage, supervise and carry out the Company’s policies decided by Board of Director/Commissioner or Management.
- To supervise and carry out the Personnel Administration (Attendance, Annual Leave, Permission, Medical Reimbursement, Warning Letter, etc).
- Announcement for employee via email, letter, etc.
- Counseling for any problems for employee.
- Obtain input from employee for the Company’s interest. Discuss the employee issue with Management and create solutions.
- To manage and fulfill the request from Management for new employees (to make staff search, selection, test and interview of employee’s candidates).
- To dismiss any staff as requested by Management including all documentation, severance, or penalties in accordance with Company Regulations.
- To manage and responsible for handling any application, filing of claim, documentation of BPJS,
- Fulfilling requirements of Manpower Report (Annual)
- Expat Permits, KITAS, KITAP.
- To supervise in carry out in creating the excellent and well-mannered working relationship in the Company.
- To supervise in carry out in creating the excellent relationship inter department (internal and external);
B. GENERAL AFFAIRS SECTOR (Supervisor to Eli who performs the following functions.)
- Supervise the usage of Company’s Assets/Inventory (laptop, phone, etc);
- To manage office equipment and supplies purchasing via Eli (and approval of Purchasing Dept.)
- Arrangement of office daily maintenance
- Travel arrangement for staff 
- Local transport arrangement
- Organize the Assets & Building insurance, renovation, repair, etc
- IT Interface (Communicate between staff and IT)
- Issuing of ID badges.
- To fully manage and make payroll calculation, overtime calculation, and passing to Finance.
D. General Health Program for the company.
- Organize Health Program to incentivize staff to be healthy.
- Monitor general health of staff and encourage healthiness.
E. SOP creation for all departments. (Leading to ISO 22000) (Train in ISO prior)
- Become the company expert in compliance by studying all handbooks, training, etc.
- Work with BB CCO to ensure all training and regulations are completed by staff.
- Work with any other BB department (IT) on trainings.
- Initiate and teach trainings locally.
- Establish a system of staff trainings to include; management, time management, expense reporting, personal awareness
H. CSR Activities
- Initiate CSR programs for the company.
- Manage ongoing CSR projects with regularity.
I. Weekly briefing at Management Meeting 
Salary Range      : Rp 10,000,000 to Rp 15,000,000
Remunerations                 :
-BPJS Kesehatan
-BPJS National Security
-Health Insurance
-PPh 21
Closing vacancy : End of November 2019
Starting join : November 2019 - early December 2019
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