Friday, October 9, 2009

The LARGEST MLM LAUNCH online ever

My good friend Joel Therien who has built several multi million dollar companies online is launching what I know will be by far..

The LARGEST MLM LAUNCH online ever!

Why do I know it will be the largest launch online ever?

1. He knows what he is doing ( a 12 year track record of success online)

2. He built a multi million dollar Internet Marketing and MLM data center to support the infrastructure

3. He already hosts some of the biggest Internet and MLM marketers online!

His clients include:

Mike Filsaime
Tom Beal
Stephen Pierce
Frank Kern
Tellman Knudson
Michael Cheney
Mark Call
Dina Call
Ken Hammond
Jeff Johnson
Frank Rumbauskas
Frank Bauer
Derrick Van Dyke
Ewen Chia
Mike Koenigs
Frank Sousa
Daegen Smith
Glenn Mosser
Todd Gross
Joel Broughton
Bram Smith
Mike Stewart
Maria Andros
Janel Legere
Jane Mark
Phil Basten
Gerry Schroeder
Jamie Ohler
Jerry Meyer
Ken Mcarthur



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Gadged said...

ehm nice ...but i don't wanna try mlm