Sunday, July 26, 2009

AMINEF: Senior/EducationUSA Advisors and Information Technology Marketing Specialist

AMINEF has full and part time opening for the EducationUSA Educational Advising Service. EducationalUSA advisors are responsible for daily advising and outreach activities to ensure effective delivery of services to Indonesian public, and regularly conduct presentations and programs to reach more Indonesian students. EducationaUSA also liaises with US institution of higher education to facilitate admission of Indonesia students, and provides training to volunteers and key partners to help them expand the positive impact of educational advising in Indonesia. Advisors should have a
specialty in one or more areas: Graduate Programming, Scholarships, Event Coordination,
and Training. Advisors candidates should have strong communication and customer service skills, be willing to travel, and have at least a US Bachelor's (S1) degree.
  • EducationUSA Advisors (4 positions-Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya)
  • Senior EducationUSA Advisor (Jakarta)
  • Information Technology Marketing Specialist (Jakarta)
Application Deadline July 31, 2009 to be considered for an interview. See for position details.
Please send cover letter and CV to: and indicate your qualifications and position of interest.

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