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Maximus Air Cargo, Airport Coordinator

Maximus Air Cargo, the largest freighter operator in the Middle East is part of the air cargo industry's finest in providing practical and cost effective solutions for aircraft lease and moving out sized cargo.

Job Title: Airport Coordinator

Department: Ground Operations
Reporting to: Manager of Ground Operations

Cost center:

Department Purpose

Directly responsible to the GCAA and Maximum Air Cargo to ensure that the activities of all operations can be carried out in accordance with the Civil Aviation Authority and approved operations manuals.

Job Objective

To ensure the security and preparing the aircraft for a flight in time.

To get all the necessary equipment and supervise the loading of cargo and the responsibility to keep dry and technical shops.

Key Responsibilities

Ensure that all necessary preparations are completed in a timely manner and coordinate with those necessary to allow time off to maintain

Flights leave on time constant
Monitor and take responsibility for the keys and the technical content of dry and store, restocking as necessary

Has remained at the levels of precision
Before coming to the crew, aircraft check to make sure you are ready for flight, are reported to all the problems of the Department of Maintenance

Aircraft ready for flight consistently reported problems
Minimize costs to the company

Costs remain on budget
Organize and prepare in relation to fuel and services necessary for the aircraft, freight plane using store pickup

Correct restoration and fuel produced and delivered on time
Organize and supervise the right equipment and chargers are available for transfer of cargo and supervise the loading and unloading

Correct equipment and chargers for the success of loading and unloading goods
Complete all necessary documentation, cargo report, note event, dangerous cargo

Accurate completion of all documents on time
Helping to carry the main burden load using a forklift when necessary

Cargo loaded in safety standards
Monitor the arrival of the crew and passengers

Crew and passengers arrive in time to the correct location
Airport to get passes to the customer cars welcome at the door and transfer to the plane

Customers satisfied with the transfer process does not justify a negative vote
Prepare all necessary equipment on board for cargo storage, eg refrigeration for perishable products

Correct onboard storage equipment from a time if necessary
Status report to Department of Air Operations

Department of Operations aircraft consciousness, no delays
Obtain and comply with the list of actions needed to restore flight Flight Manager, to receive and sign for the flight

Restoration is constantly ready for flight
Creating and maintaining relationships with ADAC, airport authorities, etc.

Maintains positive relationships
Set the load weights

Boutique provide proper weight
Manage and coordinate with workers to ensure safety standards and Maximum Air Cargo Standards are maintained

Number of accidents / incidents during cargo loading or unloading
Maximum control of the goods stored in the Air Cargo Airport under the direction of the ULD control and monitoring of flight Senior Coordinator

Complete inventory of equipment
Job Dimension


Job based in Abu Dhabi airport, both outside and in the office area.
Working in the Operations Department of land.


A good transition time activities is needed in every day to ensure the aircraft is ready, loaded and ready to leave on time.
For each flight, which assets are required in the plane.
Arrange in advance to provide the requirements for each flight to ADAC.
Planning is necessary on occasion for another individual to take over the responsibilities of work if necessary.


Criticism - Equipment necessary for loading the goods.
Critical - based on the customer, freight and crew available, decide if the flight is ready.

INTERACTIONS (internal and external)

Very important - a cost-effective option for the services required for each flight of ADAC.


Works on the track with other coordinators.
Frequent interactions with the managers of the focal points of flight and flight.
Frequent interactions with ADAC.
Frequent interactions with support staff.
Frequent interactions with customers.


Responsible for 10,000 AED petty cash budget.
It has dry store keys and technical shop.
Maintained to collect the keys of trucks and forklifts.
Responsible for completing all the paperwork and billing for the equipment to be sent to ADAC COO ground.
The responsibility for Maximum Air Cargo assets stored at the airport.


Coordinator of the airport.

Key Challenges

Long working hours on the job requires.
Breadth of work, including the different workplaces.
Unforeseen circumstances related to cargo and equipment provided to the load.
Limited availability of necessary equipment.
Working outside during the summer months.

Experience, qualifications, skills and expertise




Airport driving.

The ability to drive a forklift.

Knowledge of Arabic language.
Technical Knowledge

Precautions for safety of aircraft.

Knowledge work teams, such as the airport conveyor belt.

3 years ramp, cargo aircraft.

Previously worked as a Boutique.


Communicates, negotiates and Influences
Delivering results
Analysis of problems and making decisions
Planning and organization
Flexibility and innovation

Customer focus
Develops self and others
Leading and Supervising
Fosters teamwork
Visionary Outlook

Due to the changing nature of our business your job description will inevitably change. You, on occasion, be required to undertake other similar activities that fall within your capabilities as directed by management.
For Details:

Send to
Maximus Air Cargo Building PO BOX 35367 Abu Dhabi,
25th Rashid Bin Zayed Al Maktoum Street (Airport Road) next to South African
Embassy and Critical National Infrastructure Authority
Abu Dhabi-United Arab Emirates
Tel. +971-2-447 4900
Fax. +971-2-447 4901

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