Monday, June 8, 2009

600,000 new jobs this summer

President Obama promised today to deliver more than 600,000 new jobs this summer with the acceleration of spending some $ 787 billion economic stimulus package that Congress approved his request earlier this year.

The increase in employment does not offset the job losses in recent months - with more than 1.6 million jobs in the economy since shaving the Congress approved the plan to build in February. The unemployment rate last month was 9.4%, the highest since 1983. U.S. unemployment rate hits 9.4% in May, the highest since 1983.

But the president, who is scheduled to meet with economic advisers and his Cabinet at the White House today, after returning from a trip abroad in five days, the promise of hundreds of thousands of new jobs with an increase of spending on maintenance projects at military bases, about 1600 projects of roads and the airport, the hiring of 135,000 teachers and other school personnel and 125,000 summer jobs for youth under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor.

It identifies 10 major projects to the next three months. "Due to this accelerated pace of activity, more than 600,000 jobs created or safeguarded by the law of recovery in the second 100 days - four times the number created or saved in the first 100 days," said a White House statement issued this morning.

These projects led to the acceleration of spending, according to White House:

* Allowing health centers in 1129 in 50 states and eight territories to expand services to approximately 300,000 patients
* Start working on the 107 National Parks
* Begin work on the rehabilitation and improvement projects for 98 airports and over 1500 places in the road across the country
* Fund 135,000 jobs, including education of teachers, principals and support staff
* Top 90 improvements to veterans medical centers in 38 states
* Rent or maintain in the workplace nearly 5000 law enforcement officials
* Start of 200 new water and waste systems in rural America
* Begin or accelerate the cleanup at 20 sites on the National Priorities List Superfund
* Create 125,000 summer jobs for youth
* From 2300 the construction and rehabilitation projects to 359 military installations throughout the country

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