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Hilton Suite Hotel Ontario Canada




The Management and Department of Human Resources
(Hilton Suites Hotels) are using this media to announce vacancy positions in the hotel. We are hereby inviting interested professionals and artisans to apply for these vacancies immediately.

We also train those who have no hotel experience before working with us. The management of Hilton suites hotel will invite anybody that have interest on the type of work we have and also the salaries

We welcome you to CANADA. On behalf of the staff of Hilton Suites Hotels.

Note that this vacancy is for both local and international applicants. International applicants
would have their visas processed immediately their application is approved. Other employment benefits will
be made known to you on resumption. You are to apply and state your area of specialization,
like Stewards, Technicians, dancers, comedians or Entertainers.

We will provide foreign staff with guidelines and assistance to obtain their working permit through the immigration bureau Vancouver Canada,
and we will provide for an immigration attorney to assist you with the process,
but you shall be responsible for the working permit processing fees and BTA.

Below you will find other types of job with their salaries.
These vacancies are open to all.


Hotel Manager: US$ 9,600 per month. Responsible for ensuring quality service is provided in all hotel departments, including Administration, Cruise Staff, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Dining Room and Housekeeping. Requirements: Sound Knowledge of all Hotel departments in addition to Management School with at least 5 years in Management Position and at least 8 years ship's experience. Kitchen/Stores/Financial background.

Computer Systems Manager: US$ 6,700 per month. Plans and coordinates activities such as installation and upgrading of hardware and software, programming and systems design, development of computer networks, and implementation of Internet and internet sites. Requirements: A Bachelor’s degree with technology as a core component and relevant experience.

Computer Technician: US$ 5,400 per month. Installs, maintains, troubleshoots and upgrades computer hardware, software, personal computer networks, and peripheral equipment and electronic mail systems; assesses user training needs and trains users in effective use of applications. Qualifications: Equivalent to completion of two years of college-level coursework in computer science, information technology or a related field and two years of general computer installation, maintenance and repair experience.

Hotel Secretary: US$ 5,100 month. Administrative assistant to the Captain and Hotel Manager. Requires experience with computers and office skills.

Printer: US$ 4,900 per month. Printing out daily programs, world news-sheets, menus, party invitations, letterheads and more.

Hotel Clark: US$ 4,300 per month. Engages in bookkeeping and financial reporting. Requirements: must have related training, accounting courses or degree, or accounting/bookkeeping experience.

Receptionist: US$ 3,800 per month. Check-in passengers, checkout and settle accounts at end of cruise, handle complaints, lost luggage, room changes, check cashing, currency exchange, etc. Requires: 4 years experience in Hotel - Practical and Administrations. Customer service experience, especially as a hotel receptionist or bank teller is most helpful in landing this job.

Gift Shop Manager: US$ 3,010 per month. Oversees entire gift shop operations, accounting and manages retail staff - retail and managerial experience required.

Retail Sales Assistant: US$ 3,700 per month. Gift shop retail sales, inventory and stocking of merchandise. Requires: Retail sales experience, especially in jewelry, clothes and gifts.

Hotel Security Officer: US$ 3,900 per month. Issuing and checking identity papers, enforcing fire and safety regulations, drugs interdiction, carrying out regular clock patrols, etc. Extensive experience in security and firearms handling required. Military, naval or police background preferred.

Dance Instructor: US$ 3,600 per month. Teach ballroom dance and perform dance routines in shows. Many instructors are couples. Requirements: Reasonable experience of performing on stage. Dance academy graduate or competitive ballroom dancer.

Activities Coordinator: US$ 4,800 per month. Organize and lead passengers in recreational activities – ping-pong, volleyball tournaments, shuffle board and golf games, etc. Requirements: Outgoing personality and recreation, resort, or fitness background.

Photographer: US$ 3,600 - per month. Takes pictures of passengers during embarkation, events, dinners, and on tours. Develops and sells the pictures to passengers, commissions are earned on sales. The company provides all necessary equipment. Knowledge of photo development process and experience is a real plus.

Sound & Light Technician: US$ 4,100 – per month. Provide the sound effects and lighting for each night’s shows; maintain the sound and light equipment. Requirements: Experience with sound and light boards and equipment in a theatrical production.

Food Department:
Food & Beverage Manager: US$ 5,200 - per month. Oversee food and beverage service quality. UPSH Experience / Computer Literate - Word/Excel / Good Knowledge of Table Reservation Systems / understanding of Restaurant Cost controlling System. Requires 6 years F&B Department in addition to Management School + 3 years in Management Position / 4 years Ship's Experience.

Executive Chef: US$ 4,900 - per month. Oversees the quality preparation and presentation of food. UPSH Experience / HACCP Knowledge / ISM Regulations Knowledge / Familiar with to food-cost / Computer Literate - Word/Excel Cater Fox Stock Control system. Background desired: 10 years Cuisine Background - 4 years Ship / Apprenticeship as Cook in Hotel/Restaurant.

Pastry Chef: US$ 3,010 - per month. Prepare desserts and pastries. Requires previous experience as a Pastry Chef in a large hotel or facility.

Chef de Partie: US$ 4,400 – per month. Requires experience or training in area of expertise - International Cuisine, and approved Cook / Chef Certificate. 1 year on ship or 5 years hotel / restaurant.

General Cook: US$ 5,800 – per month. Requires 3 years practical experience in Kitchen of Hotel/Restaurant - 1-year experience on Cruise ship.

Baker: US$ 4,900 - per month. Requires previous experience as a Baker in a large hotel or facility.

Butcher: US$ 4,500 - per month. Requires previous experience as a Butcher in a large hotel or facility.

Hotel Bar Department:
Bar Manager: US$ 4,200 - per month. Requires 3 years Hotel Management, Catering College, Apprenticeship + 3 years in Management preferably on a cruise ship.

Bartender: US$ 3,800 – per month. Some experience making drinks required.

Bar Back: US$ 3,100 – per month. Bar or restaurant experience helpful.

Hotel Waiter/Waitress: US$ 4,800 – per month. Ability to take drink orders and serves drinks at cocktail parties. Knowledge of bar drinks is helpful.

Wine Steward: US$ 3,200 – per month. Recommend and serve wines and bar beverages. Experience as a Sommelier or Bartender and extensive knowledge of wines.

Guest Entertainer: US$ 4,500 – per month. Featured in evening performances, starring singers, dancers, comedians, magicians, jugglers and musicians. Requirements: Experience in the show industry in practical position / Experience of performing on stage. Relevant training and experience, videotape showing 45 minute routines.

Production Manager: US$ 4,900 - per month. Responsible for running the production shows and managing the technical staff - extensive technical and practical education and/or hands-on experience required.

Hotel Singer: US$ 4,100 – per month. Requirements: Experience in performing on Stage / Experience in Show Industry practical position. Professional background and ability, audio or videotape.

Hotel Dancer: US$ 3,200 – per month. Performing in the shows, assist the cruise staff in entertaining passengers for 5-10 hours per week. Requirements: Reasonable experience of performing on stage. Must pass an audition and have dance background and ability.

Hotel DJ: US$ 3,500 – per month. Works only at night, when the disco is open. Requirements: Has to work well with people, and be an outgoing person who can generate excitement. Experience would be helpful.

Engineering Department
Chief Engineer: US$ 5,500 - per month. Responsible for for the entire technical operations of the vessel including engineering, electrical, and mechanical divisions. Extensive experience with minimum five to eight years in subordinate positions on board ships required. Diploma from accredited maritime training school or facility and fluent English Language skills required.

Chief Electrician: US$ 5,000 - per month. Responsible for the entire electrical system on board the ship. Extensive experience with minimum two to five years in subordinate positions on board ships required. Diploma from accredited maritime training school or facility and fluent English Language skills required.

Dining Room
Dining Room Manager: US$ 2,900 - per month. Manage Dining Room staff and service. Several years of on board experience as Maitre'd required.

Dining Room Head Waiter: US$ 2,800 – per month. In charge of large section of Dining Room; Wait Staff assist the Head Waiter. Requires experience as a Restaurant Manager.

Dining Room Wait Staff: US$ 2,500 – per month. Responsible for a station of approximately thirty passengers, or five to six round tops. Requires experience as a Waiter or Waitress, preferably in an upscale restaurant.

Café Wait Staff: US$ 2,600 – per month. Experience as Waiter/Waitress helpful.

Buffet Server: US$ 2,500 – per month. Set up and replenish buffets, clear tables.

Chief Steward: US$ 2,300 - per month. Supervisor of the housekeeping department: cabin services, room services, bell services, passenger baggage handling and distribution. Requires: Must speak English reasonably well /Ability to meet deadlines /Good Organizer and Communicator.

Steward/Stewardess: US$ 2,400 – per month. Responsible for keeping clean and neat a section of passenger cabins at all times. Requires: Deal with passengers in a professional manner. Experience on Ships or in a hotel ashore.

Bell Man: US$ 2,300 – per month. Transfer passenger luggage to and from ship for each cruise. Must be able to lift heavy objects.

Medical Centre
Doctor: US$ 6,300 – per month. Oversees the entire shipboard medical facilities, treatment mostly to passengers and sometimes crew. Current license, extensive experience with cardiac and primary care, trauma, internal, and emergency medicine required. Diploma from an accredited medical school and fluent English Language skills required.

Nurse: US$ 5,700 – per month. Requires background in trauma care or accident and emergency treatment, preferably in an ER/ICU. Diploma from accredited nursing school with a minimum of two years recent hospital experience required. Certified nurse.

Dentist: US$ 5,300 – 5,000 per month. Qualified Dentist with diploma from accredited medical/dentistry school and minimum of two years recent experience required.

Casino Manager: US$ 2,800 – 4,600 per month. Requires experience as a manager at a major gaming location or on board experience.

Dealer/Croupier: US$ 2,900 – per month. Requires certification from a casino school or two years experience with at least two games (blackjack, poker, craps or roulette).

Slot Technician Manager/Slot Technician: US$ 3,000 – per month. Repair and maintain slot machines, two years experience requires.

Salon Manager: US$ 2,700 – per month. Manages the salon and gives beauty demonstrations to passengers. Experience as a Salon Manager or on board experience required.

Hair Stylist: US$ 2,800 – per month. Style passengers' hair and give crew members haircuts. Must have certificate of training and several years’ experience.

Manicurist: US$ 2,770 – per month. Must have several years experience.

Beauty Therapist: US$ 2,700 – per month. Must be a licensed Beautician with some experience.

Hotel Attendant: US$ 2,900 – per month. Must have good working knowledge of the latest hydrotherapy, relaxation and detoxification techniques.






YOUR FULL NAME..........................


YOUR NATIONALITY...............................

YOUR PREFERRED SELECTED POST & SALARY...........................


YOUR SEX...................




MRS. Winnie Lewis.

8500 Warden Avenue, Markham, Ontario, Canada L6G1A5
Tel: 1-509-352-4398. EMAIL US.

NET, Java, ITIL in Singapore

We are a Leading IT Consulting organization with a strong clientele. We have
the below mentioned vacancies.

*Requirement 1:*

1. Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or Engineering.

2. Min 3 years industry experience preferred in developing enterprise
systems using .NET Framework, particularly C#, ASP.NET

3. Object Oriented Application Design, AJAX and Programming, and
Structured Query Language (SQL) experience in the development of web-based
applications. Able to individually develop and maintain .net based

4. Programming languages required: ASP.NET , C#, Java
Script , Database skills required: Oracle, MYSQL, MS SQL Server.

5. Experienced the full project lifecycle in at least 2 projects

6. Self-starter with Strong written and verbal communication skills.

*Requirement 2:*
1. ITIL V3 Trainers with minimum 1 year of training experience on a
part-time basis.

2. PMP Certified trainers with a minimum of 1 year training experience
to teach PMP and CAPM on a part-time basis.

* *

*Requirement 3:*

1. Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or Engineering.

2. Min 3 years industry experience preferred in developing enterprise
systems using Java.
3. 2 to 3 years of experience in Sybase Database with either
Powerbuilder/C++/Java frontend experience

4. 3 to 4 years of experience in Oracle database with J2EE

5. Minimum 2 years of experience with scripting and knowledge of Java.

6. Experienced the full project lifecycle in at least 2 projects

7. Self-starter with Strong written and verbal communication skills.



*DP's, PR's and Singaporeans only need to apply.*

Interested candidates please email your updated profile in .doc format,
directly to Please indicate your Current salary,
Expected Salary and Notice period.

*Resume without Status in Singapore, Current Salary and Expected Salary will
not be entertained.***



Syngenta vacancy

Open your horizon by having career with a world leading agribusiness.

Business Intelligent and Planning Manager

Develope and manage marketing performance monitoring system. Provide and collect market information for strategic and operational decision making, related to business performance and competition environment.

  • Posses Bachelor Degree from a reputable university
  • Solid understanding of Indonesia Agro business
  • Posses a good understanding of agrochemical market and channel partners
  • Familiar with IT System and data base program
  • Proficient in English

A Competitive salary and benefit package will be offered to the successful candidates commensurate to the qualifications, experiences and expertise. Interested applicants, please email your application letter, CV and recent photo to: FRESH GRADUATE


Dibutuhkan dengan SEGERA 1 (satu) orang Tenaga Kerja dengan kualifikasi umum
sebagai berikut :
- Pria / Wanita, max.28th Single, diutamakan S1 Sastra Inggris IPK>=3.00
- Menguasai Bhs.Inggris Lisan & Tulisan serta sanggup sebagai TRANSLATOR.
- Memiliki performance Dan komunikasi yang baik
- Bersedia ditempatkan di Kota Bogor Dan bersedia ditugaskan ke luar kota.
- Sanggup bekerja secara individu/team work.

CV lengkap, copy ijazah & foto terbaru dikirim dengan cantumkan Kode/Subject
"STAFF" ke atau
PT.MUARA KRAKATAU, Jalan Raya Tajur No.22 Bogor
Paling lambat 30/04/2008
Hanya beberapa pelamar tercepat yang memenuhi kualifikasi diatas yang
dipanggil untuk mengikuti Test/Interview.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Exchange 2003 Admin

Operating System Support, Exchange 2003, Instant Messaging, BLACKBERRY, DNS, WINS, NT, Win 200, Unix
Saint Paul, MN
Area code:
Tax term:
Pay rate:
Based on experience.
Position ID:
Dice ID:
Job description:

A client in St. Paul, MN has an opening for an Network Exchange Administrator for their company. This is a contract to hire opportunity and they would like to interview immediately.

Position: Network Exchange Admin
Location: St. Paul, MN
Type: Contract to hire

This role would include day to day duties of supporting Exchange 2003, Active Directory, Sybari Antigen, Instant Messaging, DNS, WINS, Blackberry, and other support duties as assigned via remedy tickets.
They are looking for server side operating support experience (NT, Win 2000, Unix).

Experience in these areas would be preferred:

- Exchange 2003
- Active Directory
- Sybari Antigen
- Instant Messaging
- Blackberry

Join TEKsystems() and get your career on the fast track. As the leading technology staffing and services firm, we are passionate about deploying high-caliber IT and communications expertise. To satisfy our constant need for expertise, we actively seek talented Technical Professionals with all levels of information technology and communications skills. TEKsystems knows that every professional has different needs, so we'll work together to determine a suitable benefits package. We offer options to our Technical Professionals that
could include: a health plan, 401k, provisions for vacation and holiday pay, and technical and professional training. With a foundation as the nation's largest IT staffing firm, we've become a billion-dollar services company by blending superior client service with an unrivaled ability to source and manage talent to precise specifications, resulting in successful technology executions. Allegis Group and its subsidiaries are equal opportunity employers. M/F/D/V
Travel required:



7505 Metro Blvd., Suite 450

Edina, MN 55439

Phone: (952) 886-4838


Marketing Executive British Airways World Cargo

Think out of the box. Managing marketing projects from start to finish, you’ll increase our brand awareness and profit in the highly competitive logistics industry. You’ll organise and deliver the marketing agenda for your sales region and supervise channel strategies. Working with people from Boston to Bangkok, you will have good people skills and an adaptable communication style.

All applicants will be asked to submit their CV and answer the Application question:

1) Please provide a covering letter in support of your application (max 250 words), which includes the following areas:
Significant achievements from your CV, which you think are key to this role
Your motivation to join BA and what attracts you specifically to this role

Job Purpose
Develop and implement the marketing plan for a particular commercial area, delivering marketing activities that increase profit, increase customer awareness, improve British Airways World Cargo brand stature and enhance customer relationship with British Airways World Cargo.

Job Dimensions
Budgetary responsibility for marketing plan for a commercial area, approximately £400,000 pa external spend, ensuring greatest benefit and value for money achieved.
Indirect people management responsibilities [influencing and coordinating] with marketing support executives within respective commercial area.

Principal Accountabilities

Develop and agree the marketing plan for a commercial area. Individual is responsible for consulting with members of the commercial area and agreeing the marketing plan with the area commercial manager. The plan includes all channels: customer events, promotions, campaigns, advertising, direct marketing.
Responsible for agreeing the budget for this marketing plan and executing the plan to budget, forecasting spend and highlighting risks to the marketing manager.
Implement marketing activities on time, managing suppliers and coordinating commercial area. The job holder initiates activity in good time, taking activity from the plan or identifying tactical opportunities. The job holder uses the BA roster of suppliers for sourcing creative work, and manages selection process for using non-rostered suppliers, if needed. In terms of purchasing, the jobholder complies with financial standing instructions, conducting buying activity through BA2buy and recognised overseas buying procedures. They refer to BA Procurement for contract matters arising from purchasing. The job holder is responsible for communicating activity progress within the commercial area and for managing their input to the design stage.
The job holder ensures activities are tracked for performance and is responsible for completing a post-activity effectiveness check, used in Self Audit Programme.

The Individual

Has successfully delivered marketing projects, on time and to budget, using different channels.
Able to demonstrate an ability to produce marketing plans; business cases; and creative briefs.
Able to demonstrate an ability to plan and manage small to medium sized marketing projects.
Able to articulate business information clearly, and is commercially aware.
Strong analytical skills. Action orientated and results driven - demonstrate ability to use own initiative.
Able to objectively critique the output of creative agencies against business requirements.
Strong interpersonal and influencing skills at all levels. Knowledge of the cargo industry would be desirable.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Renaissance Inovasi Global

Fantastic Sales opportunity based in Jakarta and Surabaya with one of my leading IT Business Solution Providers

WELL ESTABLISHED: With a great foothold in the Axapta market epartners Indonesia (PT Renaissance Inovasi Global) has an excellent client list and a full order book highlighting their success to date. Looking to aggressively ramp up with further investment you could make a great mark and make a real difference. For further information please see our website

THE ROLE: In this role you’ll work closely with the Marketing Director to help define the strategy but more importantly execute the strategy. Day to day you’ll be involved in campaigns, events and general communications.

REQUIREMENTS: To be considered for this role you’ll ideally have marketed software before and have a great personality with a natural ‘can do’ attitude.
Required Skills
Sales,ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence

For more detail please send your CV & recent photograph to

Basic Salary
Benefits : Healthcare, Pension

Business Consultant - BIS - (BC-BIS)

* Have graduated from a reputable university, majoring in Information Technology – Marketing in IT related area
* Able to tailor strategy and solutions to meet the partner and customer's needs.
* Have extensive knowledge generally about the Microsoft / Oracle Database and Reporting Tools
* Have extensive experience in various business process (business automation)
* Must have a good selling record. At least 1 year experience as major account sales especially in solutions selling, systems integration.
* Good presentation, negotiation skills and report writing is a must.
* Strong personal relationship capability especially to engage partners & clients at a high level.
* Have significant exposure to the telecommunication, Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution, Banking and Finance industries
* Ability to communicate in English both verbal and written

Consulting Manager - (CONSM)

* Bachelor degree with 3-5 years experience in the same position/field
* Have implementation experience as SAP R3 / SUL/ Other ERP Application Consultant for at least 2-3 x full cycle.
* Familiar with ERP Package Implementation Methodology
* Strong leadership and interpersonal communication skill
* Fluent in English both oral and written

epartners Indonesia
PT Renaissance Inovasi Global
Graha Mampang, 3rd floor

Jl. Raya Mampang 100, Jakarta 12760
Tel: (62-21) 7940667 Fax: (62-21) 7940668 (under construction right now)

Danone Corporate Legal Managers

It¡¦s our aim here in Danone to be the world¡¦s fastest moving Food
company, with notion concept of health and nutritious products.
Danone AQUA, as part of Danone Group is a leading Beverage Company
in Indonesia and no.1 Water producer in the world, invites high
competent Legal Professionals to join our company as :

Corporate Legal Managers

The role of this position is to Manage Legal function report to
Legal & Land Affairs Director. Accountable to prepare and review
contracts, letter of agreement, and other legal document to ensure
its legal compliancy. Dealing with external consultant or with
goverment includes negotiation with teritory Government. Overlook
and process IPR ( Intelectual Property Right) problem & cases, ;
Process legal related on Public Listed Company requirements.

The qualifications are:

„~ University graduate in Law from reputable University with
minimum GPA 3.00
„~ Having 5 years experience as a Corporate Legal Manager in
Multinational Company
„~ Strong Leadership, interpersonal & negotiation skills
„~ Individual team player
„~ Excellent English (spoken & written) & Computer literate

Please send your application letter with resume to:


not more than 2 weeks after this advertisement. Qualified candidates
will be notified and invited for interviews.

Beli domain, mendapatkan penghasilan tambahan!

Apakah perusahaan anda atau anda sendiri sudah mempunyai nama domain? Butuh web hosting yang menyediakan fasilitas website builder wizard, URL forwading, akses DNS dan email? Global Domain International (GDI) menyediakan semua itu. Tarifnya adalah U$10 per bulan. Setiap bulan? Ya, tiap bulan. Tetapi anda akan mendapatkan penghasilan dari GDI dengan cara anda mengajak orang lain membeli domain. Berapa hasil yang akan saya dapatkan? . GDI memberi 10% dari setiap pembelian yaitu 1 dollar dan akan dibayarkan sampai 5 level. Mari kita berhitung. Misalkan kita mendapat per bulan mendapatkan 5 referral, dan masing-masing dibawah kita mendapatkan 5 referral:

Level 1= 1 x 5 = 5

Level 2 = 5 x 5 = 25

Level 3 = 25 x 5 = 125

Level 4 =125 x 5 = 625

Level 5 =625 x 5 = 3125


Total = 3905

Anda akan mendapatkan US$ 3905 per bulan. Ini adalah perhitungan untuk 5 referral saja, bayangkan jika lebih dari 5.

Untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan lihat presentasi ini

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions):

T :Bagaimana caranya untuk membayar ke GDI?

J :Bisa menggunakan kartu kredit dan Paypal. Jika belum punya account Paypal silahkan daftar di sini:

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

T : Bagaimana caranya GDI membayar pendapatan kita?

J : GDI akan membayar dengan menggunakan cek atau Paypal. Setiap tanggal 15 GDI akan melakukan transfer ke rekening kita.

T : Setelah mendaftar apa yang mesti saya lakukan?
J : Silahkan login dengan menggunakan user name dan password anda, kemudian cukup tekan menu invite, kemudian isi nama dan email calon referral kita. GDI memberi kesempatan untuk mengirimkan undangan sampai 100 orang tiap hari, dan akan ditingkatkan jumlahnya jika ada yang berminat.

T : Apakah ini semacam MLM? Atau scam?
J : GDI adalah program MLM dengan menjual produk domain name dan webhosting, tanpa perlu bertemu dengan orang untuk menawarkan produk, tidak perlu melakukan presentasi dan cukup dilakukan dari rumah saja. Bisa diambil kesimpulan ini adalah bisnis serius, bukan scam.

T : Saya tidak bisa/ingin melakukan presentasi ke calon referral saya. Apa yang perlu saya lakukan?
J : Anda hanya cukup mengisi nama dan alamat email saja di menu ’invite’ . Selanjutnya GDI akan mengirimkan email berisi presentasi ke calon referral.

T : Saya ingin mencoba ikut ini, tapi belum mau membayar dulu.
J : GDI memberi waktu 7 hari untuk mencoba secara gratis. Jika anda ingin membatalkannya, harus memberi tahukan ke GDI sebelum 7 hari lewat.

T : Saya belum puas dengan informasi ini. Bisa diperjelas?
J : Silahkan melihat presentasi ini, dan silahkan dicoba. Klik link ini: Presentasi GDI

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Earn a global career and a US salary package in Dubai city

Earn your top ranked US MBA , Earn a global career and a US salary package in Dubai city that provides the highest disposable income in the world.

Hult International Business School is seeking for highly potential global business leader with:
• Minimum 3 years of work experiences
• GMAT or TOEFL (IELTS) score
• Bachelor’s degree

Register for the Hult info session at Le Meridien Hotel in Jakarta on April 20, 1:30 PM
Telp. 021 – 5203655

Register online

Dubai is now a modern metropolis, deftly mixing Arab tradition with architectural marvels and stunning coastline. Dubai was one of the leading emirates in the formation of the United Arab Emirates in 1971. From the 1990s, tourism has boomed, and is now a major part of Dubai's economy. Ambitious developments such as Burj Al Arab, The Palms and The World, alongside Dubai's renowned shopping and beaches, have attracted tourists seeking a mix of the exotic and the spectacular. The world’s fastest growing city with 270% GDP growth in the past 10 years and very international city with 90% population being expatriates, coming from over 100 countries.

The most famous places in Dubai are:

Burj Al Arab
7 star hotel and the only in the world. See the hotel that is so iconic it has become Dubai’s unofficial symbol. The magnificent sail design is one of modern architecture's most unique structures.
Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah
Ph: +971 4 301 7777

The Palm Islands
The Palm Islands are islands that made by man on Dubai coast. There are three Palm islands:
• The Palm Jumeriah
Increasing Dubai’s shoreline by about 25km, Palm Jumeirah will be completed in 2009 with several luxurious hotels and resorts, an artificial diving reef, and a monorail.
• The Palm Jebel Ali
• The Deira

Three islands made like Palm Three and developed by Dubai Real Estate developer Al Nakheel Properties .

Palm Jumeirah consist:
• The Palm Golden Mile
• Tiara Residence
• Palm Trump Hotel & Tower
• Palm Terrace
• Fairmont Palm Residence
• Atlantis Hotel
• The Palm Grandeur
• The Palm Residence
• Kempinski Palm

Palm Jebel Ali:
• Palm Springs
• The Avenue
• Marina Mall

Dubai Creek
Dubai is a port city, and there's no better way to experience it than by visiting the waterfront. Take a cruise, or hire an abra (traditional boat) for a personal tour.
Dhow wharfage – Baniyas Road.
Danat Dubai Cruises

Al Bastakiya
One of the oldest areas in Dubai, Al Bastakiya is a step back into Dubai’s merchant, Arab past. Visit historic Sheik Saeed Al-Maktoum’s house and nearby Heritage and Diving Villages, or see contemporary Arab art at the Majlis Gallery.

Sheik Saeed Al-Maktoum’s house
Al-Shindagha Road
Ph: +971 4 393 7139

Majlis Gallery
Bastakiya Roundabout
Ph: +971 4 353 6233

Ras Al Khor Wildlife sanctuary
Right at the head of the creek is this wilderness sanctuary, home to about 500 flamingoes, as well as countless other birds and animals native to the Arabian peninsula.

Deira Gold and Spice Souks
Have a wander around the Deira Gold Souk and marvel at the intricate beauty of the jewellery on display, then soak in the sights and aromas of the traditional Spice Souk.
On and around Sikkat al-Khail Street, between Suq Deira and Old Baladiya Streets.
Open 7am-12pm and 5pm-7pm Saturday to Thursday, and 5pm-7pm Friday.

Dubai could be the best shopping city in the world, from modern malls to traditional souks, where bargaining is part of the fun.
Place to shop

Deira gold Souk
Have a wander around the Deira Gold Souk and marvel at the intricate beauty of the jewelery on display, while soaking in the authentic traditional atmosphere.
On and around Sikkat al-Khail Street, between Suq Deira and Old Baladiya Streets.
Open 7am-12pm and 5pm-7pm Saturday to Thursday, and 5pm-7pm Friday.

Mall of Emirates
Dubai is renowned across the world for its shopping, and Dubai's malls are an experience in themselves - huge, glamorous and with enough variety for any serious shopper. Featuring Aizone, Bois & Chiffon, Reiss, M Missoni, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Zara and more.
Sheik Zayed Road, Jumeirah
Open 10am-10pm Sunday to Wednesday, and 10am-12am Thursday to Saturday.
Ph: +971 4 409 9000

Gold and Diamond Park
In the “city of gold” visitors can watch jewellery being made, peruse some serious gemstones, and pick up a very good bargain or two. Around 100 retailers offer a huge amount of variety.
Sheik Zayed Road
Ph: +971 4 347 7788

Deira city centre
Dubai is renowned across the world for its shopping, and Dubai's malls are an experience in themselves - huge, glamorous and with enough variety for any serious shopper.
Al Garhoud Road, Deira.
Open 10am-10pm Saturday to Thursday, and 2pm-10pm Friday.
Ph: : +971 4 295 4545

Wafi City
Dubai is renowned across the world for its shopping, and Dubai's malls are an experience in themselves - huge, glamorous and with enough variety for any serious shopper.
Al Wasi Road.
Open 10am-10pm Saturday to Thursday, and 4.30pm-10pm Friday.

Burjuman Center
Dubai is renowned across the world for its shopping, and Dubai's malls are an experience in themselves - huge, glamorous and with enough variety for any serious shopper.
Trade Centre Road, Bur Dubai.
Open 10am-10pm Saturday to Thursday, and 2pm-10pm Friday.
Ph: : +971 4 352 7755

Mercato Mall
Dubai is renowned across the world for its shopping, and Dubai's malls are an experience in themselves - huge, glamorous and with enough variety for any serious shopper.
Jumeriah Beach Road, Jumeirah.
Open 10am-10pm Saturday to Thursday, and 2pm-10pm Friday.
Ph: : +971 4 344 4161

Ibn Batuta
Taking its inspiration from the travels of 14th century hero Ibn Battuta, this mall takes you from the Arabian world, across Asia to the far east, all in one shopping experience.
Sheik Zayed Road.
Open 10am-12am every day.
Ph: : +971 4 362 1900

Spice Souk
Immerse your senses in the sights, sounds and aromas of Dubai’s ancient spice market, where tonnes of cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, incense and other exotic ingredients are sold every day.
Near Nasser Square, Deira.
Open 7am-12pm and 5pm-7pm Saturday to Thursday, and 5pm-7pm Friday.

Madinat Jumeirah
Ancient Dubai, City of Merchants, comes to life in a re-created Arabian market. Watch traditional craftsmen at work, search for a unique gift, or soak in the atmosphere at one of the cafés or restaurants.
Jumeriah Beach Road, Jumeirah.
Open 10am-12am every day.
Ph: : +971 4 366 8888

Dubai is already renowned for hosting world-class golf, rugby, motorsports and horse-racing events. See what else the city has to offer.
Place to sport

Ski Dubai
From the desert to real snow. Hit the slopes in the world's largest indoor ski park. There's no need to pack your own gear, it's all available; and there are runs for beginners and experts alike.
Sheik Zayed Road.
Open from 10am-11pm Sunday to Wednesday, and 10am-10.30pm Thursday to Saturday.
Ph: +971 4 409 4000

Nad-Al Sheba Club
Horses are an obsession across Arabia, and you'll experience all the glamour of serious flat racing in Dubai. Visit between November and March to see some of the world's best. Get in early for a breakfast tour of the stables.
Nad-Al Sheba (about 5km southeast of Dubai City).
Open November to March, races from 7pm nightly (9pm during Ramadan).
Ph: +971 4 336 3666

Emirates Golf Club
With two championship courses and a stunning, Bedouin-inspired clubhouse, Emirates Golf Club, a PGA Tour venue, is for serious golfers.
Near the marina.
Ph: +971 4 380 2222

Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club
Voted one of the best 100 golf courses in the world, this scenic club is a haven for golfers.
Dubai Creek.
Ph: +971 4 295 6000

Al Booming Diving
Dubai’s diving is world-renowned, and Al Boom’s 5-star PADI Dive Centre will get you in the water fast.
Open from 10am-8pm Saturday to Thursday, and 10am-4pm Friday.
Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah.
Ph: +971 4 3422993

PT. Pertamina vacancies

Career opportunities for qualified candidates in oil and gas company.
PT. Pertamina is a state oil and gas company in Indonesia, which focused missions to carry out integrated core business in oil, gas and biofuel based on sound commercial principles and strong corporate values: Clean, Competitive, Confident, Customer focused, Commercial and Capable, in order to provide added value to shareholders, customers, employees and community as well as to support the national economic growth, invites skilled, trained and qualified candidates to fill the following positions:

Business Development (BD)
• Bachelor Degree (S1 or S2) from reputable university in Technical Engineering and Economics-Management/business.
• At least 5 years job experiences as Corporate Planning in reputable domestics/multinational company
• Responsible to Marketing Intelligence, Strategic Formulation, Financial Modeling/Business Portfolio

Sales Representative (SR)
• Bachelor Degree (S1) from reputable university in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Economics-Management/business.
• At least 5 years job experiences as Marketing/Sales executive in reputable domestics/multinational company
• Responsible to execute sales and marketing programs

All candidates shall be:
• Max 35 years of age
• Excellent communication, presentation, and negotiation skill, manage to work under pressure, dynamic, self motivated with proactive attitude
• Good in English both oral and written
• Willing to be assigned everywhere within company assignment
• Able to organize things and to coordinate with various disciplines to ensure the compatibility with all interfacing areas of the project
• Able to work with computer package

If you meet the above qualifications, please send your application with complete CV, copy of certificate and transcript, and a recent photograph (colorful 4 x 6) and put position code on envelope corner within week at the latest 26th April 2008 to:

Recruitment Team
PO BOX 3729
JKP 10037

Strategy to earn US$ 300 monthly from home balcony

This is a simple strategy to earn more than US$ 300 from the comfort of my home. There is nothing to shout about at all because it is just a simple plan but it WORKS!
The site I am going to introduce today is is one of the best discussion forums that pay reliably. It is my favorite forum. Here is where I have improved my language skills, online interaction skills, make lots of global friends from all parts of our world. Best of all, I have been receiving passive income from

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Let's assume I post 40 responses each day for 30 days monthly. I took 3 months to be able to sign up 100 active referrals.

My daily earnings:
40 x 0.01 = USD0.40.
Each referral does the same -
40 x 0.01 = USD0.40 x 25% = USD0.10.
100 referrals adds up to: 100 x USD0.10 = USD10.00

Summing it up, a 30 day activity would earn you:
Personal earnings: USD0.40 x 30 = USD12.00.
Referral earnings: USD10.00 x 30 = USD300.00.
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Let's go to join:

Garuda Indonesia is looking for Cabin Crew

Garuda Indonesia Airlines announces its vacancies at Flight Operation Office in Jakarta, Indonesia for Air Cabin Crew (Pramugari Udara).


* Female and Indonesian citizen
* Max 25 years of age and single
* At least Senior High School/SMU/Kejuruan of education
* At least 160 cm of height

* Healthy and no using eyeglasses or contact lens

* Fluent in English

Walk in interview will be conducted in Jakarta at 5 – 7 Mei 2008

Time : 09.00 – 16.00 WIB

Location : Sumba Room – Hotel Borobudur

Jl. Lapangan Banteng Selatan – Jakarta Pusat

Don’t forget to bring your:
  • · Application letter
  • · Resume (CV)
  • · One colorful post card photograph (full size) and two colorful close up photograph (4 x 6)

And please to use:

* Dress , Blouse with short arm, 5 cm of pantofel shoe
* Official look for their that have a long hair (Disanggul)

* Natural make-up

We offer a highly attractive compensation and benefit package.

Friday, April 18, 2008


PT INGOLD Management is a company, which provides project management and exploration consultancy services to support our international parent companies' activities. The company is inviting applications from high achieving professionals to fill the roles of:

Reporting to the Exploration Manager, the successful applicant would be responsible for assisting with project generation, geological and technical evaluation, and reporting. The applicant should have previous experience in managing field programs and a background in GIS or database management or geophysical interpretation is highly desirable.
Ideally the applicant would have a strong background in base metal exploration, particularly porphyry Cu-Au systems.

Reporting to the Exploration Manager, the successful applicant would be responsible for assisting with project generation, geological and technical evaluation of coal projects, and reporting. Ideally the applicant would have a background in field exploration and geological data compilation. Geological modelling skills using a recognized modelling software package would be desirable.

Ø S2 or S1 Geology or Mining Engineering from reputable university
Ø English language proficiency
Ø Works well in team environment
Ø Strong leadership
Ø Good communication with ability to write clear and concise reports.
Ø Prepared for regular national and international travel for work and
training purposes.
Ø Previous employment with international company desirable.

Application together with a CV and recent photograph should be submitted to PT. INGOLD Management by mail or email to the address below within two weeks of the advertisement date. All applications will be treated strictly confidential and only short listed candidates will be notified for interview.

Jakarta, April 18, 2008
PT. INGOLD Management
111 M-2 Cilandak Commercial Estate
Jl. Raya Cilandak KKO
Jakarta. 12075.

Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel opportunities

Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Siebel are group of IBM Global Business Services
and most knowledgeable consultants among system integrators. Around 9,500 global staff averaging ten years of industry and consulting experience, with thousands of engagements successfully delivered. IBM was named the 2005 Global Systems Integrator Partner of the Year by Oracle for the Americas, and is the first and only Award of Excellence recipient from PeopleSoft.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Engineering Manager in Goodyear

Goodyear is now looking for the talented people with a passionate enterprising spirit to help us shape the future of our business in Indonesia, located in Bogor, West Java. These are people who enjoy responsibility, strive to achieve, open to change and have a collaborative style. The current opportunity is:

Engineering Manager (EM)


• Bachelor degree Majoring in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
• At least 5 years as Engineering/Mechanical Manager from Heavy equipment Industry or Rubber Industry
• Wide knowledge of Maintenance and Engineering Principal
• Familiar with Rockwell Machine troubleshooting
• Good leadership skills
• Fluent in English and computer literate

Please send your application letter, resume and current photograph not later than April 17, 2008 to:

Human Resources Department


PO BOX 104
Bogor 16161

Base on Akron, Ohio USA, Goodyear is the world’s leading tire company.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cruise Ship Photographers

The UK's largest cruise companies is seeking candidate to fill the following position : Cruise Ship Photographers

  • must be enthusiastic,
  • hard working,
  • have a proven customer service record
  • have a passion to travel the world

Please send a CV with a passport photograph to the following address:

The Ships Photographer (Services), Unit 44 Basepoint Enterprise Centre, Anderson Road, Southampton, SO14 5FE

Tel: 02380 051222


The Ships Photographer (Services), Unit 44 Basepoint Enterprise Centre, Anderson Road, Southampton, SO14 5FE

Phone: 02380 051222

Food Innovation Executive Career

British Airways is seeking person to fill the following position: Food Innovation Executive

Role of jobs:
• Provide an excellent opportunity for individual who has applied their culinary talents in a commercial organization
• Define British Airways signature style
• Working alongside chefs from the restaurant industry, and our suppliers you will take responsibility for managing the development and implementation of our food innovation strategy
• To attend events and co-ordinate projects both nationally and internationally

• Can demonstrate their achievements of implementing a food innovation strategy from product development through to operational delivery in a commercial business environment
• answer the following Application questions:

Please provide us with an example of when you have managed the implementation of a food innovation strategy. Please provide evidence within your answer of all stages from product development through to product delivery. (max 300 words)

What measures of success did you put in place for the example you have provided, and what were the results?(max 100 words)
• Maximise creative, and innovative input to British Airway's product design process from our internal and external parties to enhance the design process and improve the product offer.
• Maximise value from supplier capability whilst developing supplier relationships; and act as the liason between Commercial and Procurement teams on new food products in development.
• Work closely with Food Policy & Standards Executive to develop and define British Airways signature style, within the boundaries of food policies, and standards.
• Co-ordinate and document product development activity across Catering Operations and with suppliers and internal partners to ensure consistent delivery and robust development support.
• Act as a product consultant in support of operational teams to ensure consistency and quality of food product that meets Style and Standards.
• Monitor the safety and security of the British Airways product and operation ensuring compliance with appropriate legislation and company policies.
• Experience of managing and implementing change in an operational environment.
• Good awareness of food trends to satisfy global requirements In-flight catering experience.
• Balances innovative and creative thinking, with process management, and understanding of cost, customer, and operational requirements.
• Understands basics of logistics and supply processes.
• Flexibility to manage in a changing operational role requiring flexible working practices/hours.
• Strong communication and influencing skills both with internal and external partners.
• Ability to establish and develop strong relationships and ensure buy-in to necessary performance measures and changes to business.
• Holder of a recognised Catering /Hospitality & Food Hygiene qualification.
• Has significant PC based systems expertise with MS systems eg. Excel/Power Point/Word.

Apply online

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Korean Air Flight Attendant base in Jakarta

Most famous airlines in Korea is seeking energetic, outgoing, self confident, wish to widen horizon and professional persons to fill the following position:

Korean Air Flight Attendant base in Jakarta

• Below 27 years of age, Indonesian female
• Minimum DII Graduate
• At least 162 cm in height

Recruitment Process:
• Documentation
• Preliminary Interview
• Final Interview
• Physical examination

How to apply:
• Fill out our online form application at
• Or send your full resume in Ms. Word processor to address below no later than April 19, 2008.

Korean Air
The Administration Dept. Korean Air
9th Fl. Mayapada Tower
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.28
Jakarta 12910
Tel: 021-521-2177 (Ms. Erna), 021-521-2173 (Ms. Sari)
Email: ,

Interview will be conducted in Jakarta at the end of April 2008
Please call Ms. Erna or Sari, if any questions.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Freelance Arabic Translators

Leading Brands, a Dubai-based boutique custom publishing house, is looking for a highly motivated, Syrian, Jordanian or Iraqi Freelance Arabic Translator who operates in a timely manner and who create high quality content for a clients. He shall be responsible for all Arabic editorial, translating the original English into Arabic and vice versa in a fashion that makes it easy to grasp by Arabic Readers. Salaries will be offered based on experience.

To apply, please send your CV to or call 04 427 0120

"It's You" Danone Human Adventure

"It's You" Danone Human Adventure
Danone to be the world's fastest moving food company, today focus in Dairy , Buiscuit and Beverages with notion concept of health and well being products . Danone Aqua , as part of Danone Group, is a leading Beverage Company in Indonesia and no.1 Water producer in the World, invites high competent Marketing Professionals to join our company as :

Credit Controller

This position will report to Treasury Director. This position is responsible for applying the company's credit and collection policies, practices and procedures to ensure maximise collection of payment from all customers in a timely and professional manner

Education and working experience :
-Graduation from recognized university (minimum GPA 3.00) with a bachelor degree in Accounting .
-Minimum 8 years of extensive experience in Credit Management in a large Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) multinational companies.
-Knowledge, skills, and attitude requirements
� Extensive knowledge and experience of credit management
� Strong analytical skill
� Computer literate, particularly MS Office
� Proficient in English both written and verbal
� Excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skill
� Excellent change agent and creative problem solver
� Team player

This position is responsible for procurement of specific categories of direct materials and indirect materials.

The qualifications are:
-Graduation from well known university (minimum GPA 3.00) with a degree in accounting, business economics, industrial engineering and other related fields
-Minimum 4 years of responsible related experience. Or any equivalent combination of education, experience, and training that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.
Knowledge, skills, and ability requirement
� Good level of English Proficiency
� Knowledge of large scale purchasing methods and procedures.
� Knowledge of the principles and practices of automated information systems and data processing principles, procedures and equipment (particularly SAP)
� Knowledge of accounting principles as related to procurement.
� Ability to analyze data, make judgments and develop reports.
� Ability to solve problem
� Ability to maintain effective working relations with user agencies, businesses and vendors and communicate effectively, verbally and in writing.
� Working knowledge of personal computers including word processing, database, and spreadsheet applications.
� Ability to listen and ascertain the needs of customers; ability to find and communicate accurate information concerning process, policies and procedures to customers; ability to respond to customers tactfully and courteously.

To apply, simply e-mail your Word resume and cover letter
attachments, not later than 2 weeks after this ad to:

Human Resources Division
PT Tirta Investama (DANONE AQUA)

Subject : Credit Controller

Please note that only those individuals whose qualifications match the current needs of the organization will be considered applicants and will receive responses from Danone Aqua.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jobs in India and the U.S

Countdown has begun for SiliconIndia's first job fair of 2008. Here's your opportunity to explore jobs in India and the U.S. Vmware, Brocade, Citrix, MetricStream, SpikeSource and several other multinationals will be recruiting at this event.

This is the fifth year in a row that SiliconIndia is organizing job fairs. Thousands of professionals have benefited from our events and moved back to India. You can meet senior managers of the U.S. companies and if lucky, you can have your job offer too! Most of the companies pay relocation packages too. Some of the companies hire for their U.S. operations also from these job fairs.

Opportunities are tremendous. Companies in India are looking for specialized skills in software, hardware engineering, chip design and testing, senior level project management, marketing, biz dev and so on...There are job openings in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Noida and Chennai.

From our previous events, about half the attendees get offer letters for the exciting jobs in India and U.S. Register now free of cost at our web site. On registration, you will get access to our web based networking tool, NETGENIE through which you can start contacting recruiting managers even before the event.

Date: April 24, 2008 (Thursday)

Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Venue: Biltmore Hotel and Suites
2151 Laurelwood Road ,Santa Clara, CA 95054

Come, find your golden opportunity here!


Looking forward to your participation. Please contact Mona Sharma at 510 440 8249 X 108 if your company will like to recruit at this event.


LAN/WAN, wireless (WiFi and WiMax ), VLAN, VPN, FDDI, routing, switching, T1, T3, OC-x, MPLS, Frame Relay, ATM, SONET, VOIP, SIP, PBX, RF, Cellular

PT Baris Wira Andhika is rapidly growing company, which support a group of companies in plantation, energy and natural resources, information technology and law services is looking for professional candidates to fill in a position of:

IT Manager (ref : ITM-BRS)
General qualifications:
Equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university with major course work in Information Technology, Computer Science or a related field.
Five years of experience in developing application software, hardware and network solutions with three (3) years at the full supervisory level.
The core competencies:

- Technical:
Excellent knowledge of NT/ WIN XP, Networking, and software installation.
Having CLP / MCP certification.
Having experience in developing Programming, Database, Networking, and operation system.
Having capability and experience in developing Application under web based by using ASP. Net, SQL Server and Crystal Report.
Having experience in programming using scripting language (VB script, Java script, and others).
Experience/Familiar with any kinds of BI Software, RDBMS, and ERP System will be a good advantage.
Having ability to develop and maintenance on line system, communication and information system for group of companies.
Good knowledge of Network Management, Manage firewall, VPN, Proxy and DNS, IPS/IDS, Router Management and test Disaster Recovery procedures (Overall Network Security).
He/ She should have a very good knowledge of LAN/WAN, wireless (WiFi and WiMax ), VLAN, VPN, FDDI, routing, switching, T1, T3, OC-x, MPLS, Frame Relay, ATM, SONET, VOIP, SIP, PBX, RF, Cellular, voice/data convergence, TCP/IP, OSI Model, QoS, NAT, SNMP, Firewall, encapsulation, subnet masking, VLSM, EIGRP, IPSEC, OSPF, FTTX Metro Networks and BGP ( having Networking Certificate is preferable).
Willing to work as a pre-sales support for product presentation and consultation, Software development and its maintenance, technical support for installation and customization, support for system integration test and user acceptance test, prepare user manual and technical documentation to support one of our group companies in IT.

- Non - Technical
Having effective verbal, written, presentation, and listening communication skills.
Demonstrate efficient time management and stress management skills.
Good knowledge of principles and practices of employees supervision and organization.
Excellent team building skills.
Good analytical, problem solving, and decision-making skills.
Be honest, respectful and trustworthy.
Be creative, pro-active and shows initiative.
Good English speaking and reading.
Willing to work hard and under pressure.
A very competitive remuneration package will be offered to attract top caliber applicants. If you think you are what we are looking for, please send your applications and CV quoting the ref code, via e-mail or post as detailed below:

PT Baris Wira Andhika
Menara Prima 18th floor
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan Blok 6.2
Jakarta Selatan 12950
Or E-mail to: