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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Discount coupons fever outbreak

Groupon fever has become an attraction for internet business. Even Internet giant, Google's uncle was interested in buying Groupon, but an offer from Google uncle of 6 Billion dollars was rejected by Groupon. Not to be outdone, the uncle also created a Google Offers. What is offered by Google Offers? Google Offers offers discount coupons for shopping, eating and playing. How it works from Google Offers? When we opened the Google Offers, they asked the city where we are, and they ask us the email address as an intermediary to offer discounts that exist within a certain period. Google Offers Unfortunately currently only limited to the United states alone. There is a possibility Google Offers will be expanded to other countries, given the google business is always growing rapidly.

In Indonesia also apparently been affected by fever Groupon. The sites offer discount coupons to appear, call it Disdus, Keren Deal, Hungry (only food only) and much more. Site Disdus, mentioned that they were cooperating with Groupon. In general, the workings of their site is the same, which offers discount coupons for shopping, eating and playing. Well get ready to enjoy the discount coupons in your city.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The future of career at British Airways.

New fleet mix of our cabin crew team that flew into the combination of long and short delivery-destination is the ministry of British Airways.

Here, promotion, rewards and recognition will be based on achievement and a clear career path we offer outstanding opportunities throughout British Airways.

As a Customer Service Manager - unique role both in the air and on land - or as an outstanding team member Cabin Crew, innovative environment that we will become a natural home.

There are also specially designed our Future Talent - Crew Program to support the cabin crew who aspire to be British Airways.

If you are a customer-focused individual who tries to be the best at what they do and wants to share in our success, find out what this will mean that an additional fleet to us and where it can take you.

British Airways Cabin Crew as a flying start to your career.
Get immediate exposure across all our cabins, including premium. Career advancement and reward base on merit. bid for trips to suit your lifestyle with our combine short haul and long haul operations.
British Airways future talent cabin crew programme is your direct route to leadership.
Fast track your career to the top. Take advantage of bespoke training in leadership and performance management. Gain real hands on senior cabin crew responsibility as your hone your skills and abilities.
British Airways Customer Service Manager, a high flying business career.
Enjoy a generous and a competitive reward package. Progress your development

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jobs at Cathay Pacific Airlines:

Jobs in the airlines is one of the most sought-after job seekers. Working in the airline covers ranging from ticket sales, aircraft maintenance, air hostess / flight attendant, pilot / co-pilot, to become suppliers of aviation needs such as food and beverage suppliers. The pilot, co-pilot, flight attendant, steward is specific work that was interesting because with this job a person can work while traveling around the world. Cathay Pacific employs many foreigners as a flight attendant or pilot. Usually assigned to a base in Hongkong and get the apartment or hotel facilities. Similarly, Singapore Airlines, the airline was also employs many foreigners.

Flights from the Middle East are also much sought after because of large financial rewards gained. Qatar Airways is one of the famous airlines of the Middle East. British Airways is the airline's flights from Europe that much demand, but rather difficult for foreigners working in this airline.

Advantages working in the airline is as follows:
1. Get paid that much
2. Getting good accommodation facilities
3. Obtaining medical insurance
4. Get annual leave
5. Getting tickets for the family ration
6. Additional facilities usually depends on the airline itself

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bisnis dengan modal 0

Telah hadir era baru dalam bisnis afiliasi. Ini benar-benar baru, dengan kesempatan mendulang dollar yang besar. Apa yang baru dari bisnis ini? Bisnis afiliasi ini adalah gratis, tidak ada upgrade menjadi premium member. Alias biayanya adalah 0 saja. Biayanya 0, tidak perlu keahlian menjual, tidak perlu keahlian membuat web maka bisnis ini dinamakan 0mlm. Sudah barang tentu bisnis ini tidak membutuhka kartu kredit anda untuk menjalankan bisnis ini.

0mlm ini akan memberikan US $ 1000 jika anda sampai tidak mendapatkan uang sesuai dengan ketentuan! Karena bisnis ini tidak ada biaya alias 0, maka tidak ada resiko untuk mengikuti bisnis ini.

Bisnis ini akan diluncurkan bulan Juni, saat ini dalam masa prelaunch. Jadi masih ada banyak waktu untuk mengumpulkan prospek atau downline. Setiap anggota akan dihubungi lewat email pada saatnya nanti. Setiap anggota akan diberikan 5 website gratis. Dari website inilah anda akan memperoleh uang dari link affiliasi, iklan dan produk digital.