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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Webprosperity Launched and over 100,000 sign-up

December 24th, I wrote, that the year 2009 is a golden year for internet marketing. Several days later I received news from Stone Evans and David Parnell, that in January 2009, there will be history in the internet marketing. Why is making history? Because in a matter of days only, starting from the date of 25 December 2008 to 13 January 2009, has 100 thousand people enrolled. This proves that a webproperity have launched a broad network. Webprosperity launched by David D'Arcangelo. A man who has successfully launched a product that is famous, among Getresponse and Implix. After working for 20 years in the field of marketing, David found what is required by the internet marketing. That is a sophisticated product for internet marketing in an integrated fashion. Products are:
  • WebProsperity Meeting (audio/video/phone conferencing)
  • WebProsperity Contact (follow-up autoresponders, broadcasts, “email my downline”)
  • WebProsperity Media (add audio/video to your website and emails)
  • WebProsperity Finder (visual downline management)
  • WebProsperity Address Book (your complete contact management system)
  • WebProsperity Calendar (manage your appointments, get things done)
In addition to products above, we also will have a website can be adjusted with our desire. For example is my website: jobislands.webprosperity.com
One awaited by the internet marketing is a commission. The commission is 67% monthly. That's every month! Which divided in 3 ways to get money:
  • PaceSetter Bonus
  • Momentum Matrix Royalty
  • Platinum Leadership Development Bonus

Words of David touches me is:

Do not spend the rest of your life WISHING for money ... TODAY take steps to create the Prosperity and the Life you deserve!

At that time I also enrolled.