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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jet Airways: Cabin Crew

Warm, competent and proficient – our crew is always a pleasure to fly with. When our esteemed passengers need attention, they are always at hand. And when there’s work to be done, our crew happily oblige. Complete with finesse and poise, they make heads turn wherever they go and are the face of India’s finest airline.

We are one of the few airlines to have ISO 9001:2000* certification in recognition of our commitment to passenger comfort.

So when you work at Jet Airways, we specially train you to provide passengers with the individual service which our passengers truly deserve. With us, you’ll be thoroughly trained and groomed to achieve excellence in every flight. Working with us, you'll hone your skills to precision. This distinctive warmth and hospitality makes us India’s finest airline.

Come, be a part of our award-winning team!

Cabin Crew - Domestic Operations

Cabin Crew - International Operations