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Friday, May 23, 2014

Problem error code 8 in Microsoft Exchange 2010.

PC has joined domain in the branch and when it gives a chance Microsoft Exchange 2010, always the error message, "error code 8". The full message is "There is a problem with the proxy server's security certificate. The security certificate is not from a trusted certifying authority. Outlook is Unable to connect to the proxy server (error code 8). "From the internet search results, Microsoft recommends to do the following things:

Method 1: Examine the certificate 
Use this method if you receive an error message 1 or 2 errors . Examine the certificate. Then , contact your system administrator to resolve the problem.To examine the certificate, follow these steps: 
1. In Microsoft Internet Explorer , connect to the RPC server or to a secure server . For example, type https://www.server_name.com/rpc in the address bar of your Web browser , and then press ENTER.Note The server_name placeholder refers to the name of the RPC server or the name of the secure server . 
2. Double-click the lock icon located in the lower right corner of the browser. 
3. Click the Details tab. 
4. Write down the information in the following fields :or valid for The Valid to field indicates the date until which the certificate is valid.or Subject The data in the Subject field must match the name of the site. 
Method 2 : Install the trusted root certificate
 Use this method if you receive the error message 3 To install the trusted root certificate , follow these steps . : 
1 . Click Install Certificate when prompted with the Certificate dialog box . 
2 . Click Next . 
3 . Select Place all certificates in the following store check box . 
4 . Click Browse . 
5 . Click the Trusted Root Certification Authorities , and then click OK. 
6 . Click Next . 
7 . Click Finish . 
8 . Click OK . 

Method 3: Disable the third-party add-ons 
Use this method if you receive an error message . 
1 . The ' Start Outlook in safe mode to isolate the problem. To do this , click Start , click Run, type outlook.exe / safe , and then click OK.If you start Outlook in safe mode successfully , the problem that you are experiencing may be caused by a third-party add-ons . 
2 . Check third-party COM add-ins and disable them. To do this , follow these steps:one . From the File menu , click Options, and then click Add-Ins. 
3 . In the Manage box, click COM Add-Ins , and then click Go .
4 . Click to clear the check box next to the third-party add-ons that you want to disable . 
5 . Restart Outlook .

Having executed the above steps above method "error code 8" still appears too! Because it still appears "error code 8" also, the Windows 7 OS is updated.
Finally after Windows 7 is updated, no longer appear error code 8.

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