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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Never ask in an interview

When the interviewer asks if you have any questions, it's time to see what you get from a company .
Many people are very willing to answer questions of a hiring manager for an interview. Unfortunately, many candidates are not ready to ask the interviewer . The questions you are very important for a human resources manager and have a great weight in the final decision to hire on .
Make sure you ask the right questions can be a difficult task - Applicants should be aware that this is still part of the test , not just a mission to find them. Creative Recruitment , vitamin D , saw some really strange questions in interviews. Some will certainly send the wrong message to a potential employer , the resulting reality with alarming regularity . Susie Hall, President of vitamin D , sent these examples of issues to be considered off-limits :

How long can I earn vacation?
How many times can I work from home?
You do not have to pay for parking ( mobile telephones, car allowance , refreshments , gym memberships , etc. ) ?
Can I ? Take my dog to work ?
How often will I get paid ?
Mrs Hall said: " In a word : an interview should be that you give to a company , not what you get from a company to save these issues for the public offering, after the employer because she's right. person for the role. " selfish " is not in the list of a list of skills that I have seen in my life ! "
So if this kind of questions you ask ? First, you need to do your research on the company you are interviewing to do and questions about , for example, "I know you are currently focused on the product xyz . Where do you see "society takes in the coming years ? . " But the more specific aspects of the business , you must know how well the solution is to ask yourself questions like :

How would you describe the responsibilities of this position ?
How would you do this week / typical day in this position ?
This is a new position? If not, why not let the former employee ?
Are required to travel ?
Relocation is a possibility?
What is the typical work week ?
It is overtime?
What do you like working here?