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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Discount coupons fever outbreak

Groupon fever has become an attraction for internet business. Even Internet giant, Google's uncle was interested in buying Groupon, but an offer from Google uncle of 6 Billion dollars was rejected by Groupon. Not to be outdone, the uncle also created a Google Offers. What is offered by Google Offers? Google Offers offers discount coupons for shopping, eating and playing. How it works from Google Offers? When we opened the Google Offers, they asked the city where we are, and they ask us the email address as an intermediary to offer discounts that exist within a certain period. Google Offers Unfortunately currently only limited to the United states alone. There is a possibility Google Offers will be expanded to other countries, given the google business is always growing rapidly.

In Indonesia also apparently been affected by fever Groupon. The sites offer discount coupons to appear, call it Disdus, Keren Deal, Hungry (only food only) and much more. Site Disdus, mentioned that they were cooperating with Groupon. In general, the workings of their site is the same, which offers discount coupons for shopping, eating and playing. Well get ready to enjoy the discount coupons in your city.


SEO Reseller said...

Yelp dropped their coupon services just a day ago, and with that, I doubt if Google will still continue with rolling out the same service.

Anonymous said...

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vicky said...

It would be nice if you could post some updates of the latest coupons. :)

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seo perth said...

Google may not be successful in all its endeavors, but when it comes to sales and marketing, they definitely have a steady grip on what they're trying to accomplish.

seo reseller said...

Google should continue this kind of service so that their marketing will definitely have a constant outcome on what they are trying to accomplish.

John Grints said...

This is a actually a good strategy from Google. Sales marketing is one of its strengths. Honestly, I can't think of a strategy made by Google that failed to penetrate the digital market. That might be the reason why it's one of the best search engine tools today. restaurant seo