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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Finance & Management Accountant position

A PMA company in Mining Solutions and Service Provider is seeking to fill the Finance & Management Accountant position.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities

* Safety, Health and Environment

* Establish and maintain and safety culture within the finance and accounting department

* Financial Accounting

* Maintain integrity of the financial system
* Develop internal and system controls
* Preparation of monthly financial & management reports
* Adhere to monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual reporting deadline back to corporate head office

* Management Accounting.

* Critically prepare on a timely basis and assess monthly performance for discussion with the management team.
* Prepare and evaluate new investments, business development, contract proposals and capital expenditure.
* Take the lead in prepare budgets and updated forecasts.
* Meet budget and forecast timelines back to head office.

* Control environment

* Establish and maintain internal control framework within the operating region
* Liaise with external auditors and tax authorities.
* Adhere to the relevant legal and statutory requirement in the country of operations ie employee tax, VAT, corporate taxes and companies act.

Ideal Candidate Requirements:

* Personal Trait: high integrity, proven initiative.
* Degree in accounting – financial and management.
* Qualified ACMA or Charted Accountant is advantageous.
* 5 year plus in management & financial report environment.
* Good costing background.
* Must be able to operate within a team and independently.
* Needs to be open minded and yet ensure financial controls are not compromised.
* Around 28 – 35 years.

Interested parties shall email, with FMA as subject, their comprehensive Cover Letter, CV and latest photo to:

HYPERLINK "mailto:executivesearch@moores-rowland.com" \nexecutivesearch@moores-rowland.com no later then 3 weeks of this advertisement.

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