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Thursday, October 17, 2019

HR & GA Manager - Pesanggaran Bali


General Requirements
-Graduated from law school and/or management majoring in HR, with min GPA 3
-Full understand of Indonesian labor law
-Able to work independently and complete work assignments in a timely fashion without direct supervision.
-Have the ability to be a strong management team member working conjunction with department managers towards a common goal of success and accomplishment.
-Good oral and written communication skills in both English and Bahasa Indonesia
-minimum 4 years with good & proven work records
Technical Abilities :
-Communication (Good communicator and listener)
-Computer skills to include Excel, Word, HR and payroll software.
-Management skills
-Critical thinkers
-Conflict Management
-Time Management and Self Discipline
Personality Requirements :
-Strong leadership
-Impartial and Objective
-Strong Sense of Ethics
Responsibility :
- To manage, supervise and carry out, in general the Regulation in matters of pertaining to Manpower, generally and in particular, the Company Regulation.
- To manage, supervise and carry out the Company’s policies decided by Board of Director/Commissioner or Management.
- To supervise and carry out the Personnel Administration (Attendance, Annual Leave, Permission, Medical Reimbursement, Warning Letter, etc).
- Announcement for employee via email, letter, etc.
- Counseling for any problems for employee.
- Obtain input from employee for the Company’s interest. Discuss the employee issue with Management and create solutions.
- To manage and fulfill the request from Management for new employees (to make staff search, selection, test and interview of employee’s candidates).
- To dismiss any staff as requested by Management including all documentation, severance, or penalties in accordance with Company Regulations.
- To manage and responsible for handling any application, filing of claim, documentation of BPJS,
- Fulfilling requirements of Manpower Report (Annual)
- Expat Permits, KITAS, KITAP.
- To supervise in carry out in creating the excellent and well-mannered working relationship in the Company.
- To supervise in carry out in creating the excellent relationship inter department (internal and external);
B. GENERAL AFFAIRS SECTOR (Supervisor to Eli who performs the following functions.)
- Supervise the usage of Company’s Assets/Inventory (laptop, phone, etc);
- To manage office equipment and supplies purchasing via Eli (and approval of Purchasing Dept.)
- Arrangement of office daily maintenance
- Travel arrangement for staff 
- Local transport arrangement
- Organize the Assets & Building insurance, renovation, repair, etc
- IT Interface (Communicate between staff and IT)
- Issuing of ID badges.
- To fully manage and make payroll calculation, overtime calculation, and passing to Finance.
D. General Health Program for the company.
- Organize Health Program to incentivize staff to be healthy.
- Monitor general health of staff and encourage healthiness.
E. SOP creation for all departments. (Leading to ISO 22000) (Train in ISO prior)
- Become the company expert in compliance by studying all handbooks, training, etc.
- Work with BB CCO to ensure all training and regulations are completed by staff.
- Work with any other BB department (IT) on trainings.
- Initiate and teach trainings locally.
- Establish a system of staff trainings to include; management, time management, expense reporting, personal awareness
H. CSR Activities
- Initiate CSR programs for the company.
- Manage ongoing CSR projects with regularity.
I. Weekly briefing at Management Meeting 
Salary Range      : Rp 10,000,000 to Rp 15,000,000
Remunerations                 :
-BPJS Kesehatan
-BPJS National Security
-Health Insurance
-PPh 21
Closing vacancy : End of November 2019
Starting join : November 2019 - early December 2019
for any question, detail qualification and assist
feel free to contact via WA or email
This services are Confidential, free of charge, non-outsource, no salary cut.
Best Regards,
Yudi & Associates / Bali Pro Services
Independent Recruiter Bali
Jalan Mertasari 20 Banjar Pengubengan Kangin Padang Sambian - Badung
08155733218 WA
IG : yudi&associates

Monday, July 9, 2018

What Kind Of Program Is ACX? The Best Hybrid Plan Ever Designed!

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So what do you call a program that uses a combination of all the best things in each type of system, like the excitement and simplicity of an HYIP that is easy to follow and even feels like an investment program, even though it isn't, and a program that has the earning power of multiple levels and recurring Daily Earnings like an network marketing, but isn't MLM?
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Friday, June 29, 2018

Here is proof of my latest withdrawal (29/06/2018) ACX Crypto

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Mission of ACX

Ad Click Xpress was Launched with a Mission
Ad Click Xpress (ACX) has from the beginning had a sole purpose in providing quality Online Advertising and an Affiliate Sales Opportunity specifically created to accomplish ideals of the original program designer Frederick Mann, the founder of the Ad Pack Pay System.
Members of the ACX Management Team are committed to and share the explicit goals for the ACX Pay System, as set forth by Mann:
SUCCESS THROUGH SIMPLICITY -- to design and operate an online pay system that “anyone” can do successfully, regardless of race, financial circumstances, locale, age, gender or level of experience, WITHOUT the requirement of “recruiting” in order to earn money
PERSONAL INDEPENDENCE -- to create a simple way to take care of our families and friends, and become self-reliant and not need to rely on an employer or government agency for income
HELPING THE HUMAN RACE -- to provide every-day people around the world as much control of their futures as possible, while being able to assist other people in our area of the world who don't have a means to take care of their needs
ACX is for the 99%
Even with all the enormous wealth and opportunity that exists throughout the world, never before has there been such a large gap between the 1% richest and the rest of the human race.
ACX Crypto is the Great Equalizer, and ACX Affiliates are part of this powerful movement that is helping to correct the challenges we all face in our society, regardless of the country in which you reside.
The ACX MOVEMENT is an opportunity to spread goodwill worldwide, and ACX Crypto is the mechanism that allows the good work to happen.
As an ACX Affiliate, you are an agent of change – personally and in your circle of influence. We Proudly Welcome You as a Participant in the ACX Movement!